Monday, June 21, 2010

we never realise how perfect we are, until we grow up

hey everyone, im back!
okay where was i... oh yeah okay dont you just wish you were small again ? i know i do every second of the day. Everything was perfect back then! The hardest decision you had to make was the colour crayon you wanted to use. Perfect flawless skin, all the same length and coloured hair, crooked teeth you could get away with, so many small things that would make such a big difference these days. I teach dancing to younger kids and the envy i feel when they walk in with a huge smile on there face, there beautiful hair flowing down their back okay im starting to sound like a pedo now but you get the drift! we took everything for granted back then! i just wish life stayed that way....

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  1. i love this jubes! so correct, we were perfect before we grew up and life was soooo easy haha (:
    love jetskii <3


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