Wednesday, June 30, 2010


hmmm okay well She is super sweet! and yes that is how im going to start my paragraph :) She is such an amazing person, in so many aspects,in so may ways it's incredible :) I believe we have only been "friends" since this year and it has been quite a friendship im glad i took the effort to make! She is such a beautiful girl and definately one of the funniest i know! She lightens up the drama room every lesson and always manages to make me laugh. ALSO her boyfriend and her are the cutest ever! although i have only seen them together once i can tell how much they care for each other, its adorable! As we move through high school i hope we become closer friends because she really is so perfect in every way. In grade eight i used to completly ignore her because i was intimidated! i mean how stupid is that !!??! If i actually took the courage to speak to her we could be besties already haha :) Anyways my point being she is a very very nice girly and im so glad we are finally friends :) Thanks for being so super nice to me :)

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