Thursday, June 24, 2010


this post is dedicated to one of the most important people in my life, my bestfriend :) i actually dont even know where i can begin with this one, if i wrote about us it could take days. Well lets boost start with how much she means to me, she truly is one of the most amazing girls anyone could ever meet. She is not only super talented at being a bestfriend but she is pretty, witty, sweet, caring, loving, funny, cute, adorable and an amazing dancer . She also LOVES cats and she will occasionaly just meow ( im pretty sure god accidentally added abit of feliane in her ) she has two beautiful cats named fleur and gabby :) she is INCREDIBLE at dancing , every genre immaculate. She has the potential to be a flat out proffesional dancer. The laughs and moments i have had with this girl are irreplacable, i would swap my life to relive some of them. Also did i mention her wardrobe is pretty much blair waldorfs? well i know she doesnt think it but when ever i used to go over i would purposelly "clean" her cupboard for her so she would say "oh that old thing you can have it! " Soo used to delight me :) Her birthday getaway last year is definatley the best holiday i have ever had , EVER, i had so so so so much fun you would have no idea! This girl has put up with so much of my crap its not even funny, my heartbreaks, my fallouts with other friends, my winging.. even down to my constant complaints about the tinge of blonde my hair is. She is an inspiration and means the world, no wait... the universe to me :) I dont think i could live a single day without her. I always seem to have the widest smile on my face when i see her.
So Gamy, i just wanted to say thanks, thanks for being the most amazing bestfriend that anyone could wish for.

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