Wednesday, June 30, 2010


hmmm okay well She is super sweet! and yes that is how im going to start my paragraph :) She is such an amazing person, in so many aspects,in so may ways it's incredible :) I believe we have only been "friends" since this year and it has been quite a friendship im glad i took the effort to make! She is such a beautiful girl and definately one of the funniest i know! She lightens up the drama room every lesson and always manages to make me laugh. ALSO her boyfriend and her are the cutest ever! although i have only seen them together once i can tell how much they care for each other, its adorable! As we move through high school i hope we become closer friends because she really is so perfect in every way. In grade eight i used to completly ignore her because i was intimidated! i mean how stupid is that !!??! If i actually took the courage to speak to her we could be besties already haha :) Anyways my point being she is a very very nice girly and im so glad we are finally friends :) Thanks for being so super nice to me :)

i'm all snugged up today!

yet another chilly day! ... Fingers still seeming not to move, the warmth of my laptop probably the only thing keeping them going! Anyways im super duper annoyed because i was supposed to go to a lovely (hopefully sunny), yummy picnic with my group today in New Farm Park. Obviously the weather felt different to this and decided that he would make it as miserable, cold and rainy as he could. Maybe thats a good thing, ill just snuggle up at home and watch movies or maybe i might get to finally bring up the dresser that has been sitting in the garage for two months, either way i will be warm and toasty and who cant take a deal like that?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


She has only been asking me for about 3 weeks to do this. And i thought well out of all the posts i have made, i have known her the longest so i guess she deserves abit of notice. We are typical sisters , fight alot but still seem to love each other to the moon and back. My life would be so lonely if she wasnt in it, ofcourse at times i want to whack her head into a brick wall but that's just the nature of sisters, right ?. She is crazy about old films and movie stars her favourites , Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly... She has many books, movies and canvases just on these two. She loves Doctor who and anything spacey and out there. She has (hate to say it) amazing hair, which is insanely (ahh hurting me too say this) long and gorgeous. Our childhood involved numerous concerts where we would make up crazy dancers and perform them for the family, one hundred and one beauty spas, day trips to the pool and million dollar weddings for our myscene, bratz and barbies... so many memories that bring a smile to my face :) She loves opp shopping like me and has a very cute eye for fashion. ALSO she loves cats, pity she found out she had an allergy for them this year. Anyways im over writing about her, next thing i know i will be back on "hating isobel mode". Well there you go Izzy, i was a nice sister. Be happy, dont be a russian doll :)

abit chilly

to cold to write. my fingers might fall off any second.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

your cuteness makes me want to cry

So recently i just broke up with my boyfriend , as much as i pretend that single is the way to be everyone knows its just a cover up. The pictures above make me super teary .. they are all so adorable, cute, beautiful, in LOVE. I know im 15 and i shoudnt even be considering love but i want it, i bet you do too. Just that perfect someone that always seems to make you smile and gives you a belly full of butterflies everytime you see them. Love is such an amazing thing and i just cant wait till i can finally feel what it gives to you :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

hi skinny

i don't know what it is but it has been bugging me so much these past few weeks. Im always underwhelmed with my apperance or unhappy with how my bum looks too big in some pants and then i realise its really all FASHION and celebrities and models faults , they set the standard so high and we are expected to follow in their footsteps. i mean seriously .. no fair !?! it just makes me so super devo looking at shots such as the ones above. i know im probably sounding like a winey little snob but really take a think, you agree right?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Song About Love

this guy is so super addictive, seriously i nearly spent all day watching his videos! My sister, her friend and I got completly whipped. He is so adorable! and quite funny, i especially liked this song :) but he has heaps of videos of just talking. SO check him out :)


chanel, you amaze me.

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