Wednesday, September 22, 2010

goin' on a holiday

i will not see you for a whole two weeks :O very devastating i know! i will miss you greatly bloggy and all my fellow blog readers. Im actually voyaging off to new york for two weeks it will be soooo amazing, i just can't wait hahahah haah ahhah ah.. i wish. Im actually just travelling off to Sydney, shall be goood but nothing compared to new york :( boohoo. anyways it will be nice since im going with one of my bestfriends amy and we will do lots and lots of shopping and be nooby tourists walking around with cameras and maps. Plus did i mention i love love love hotel beds, like white sheets that are so crispy and mesmorizing omnomnomnom so theres another positive :D We are actually going for the nationals of irish dancing ( dont judge i know im a freak ) but they are at the end so im pretty much keen for the holiday. I hope to buy lots and lots of clothes even though i have like nil money right now :)
okay i have talked enough, please do have an excellent two weeks! xoxo

ice queen

yes my hair is currently on the verge of being white. and i have pale skin. so im an ice queen. the cute little self was taken about ten minutes ago when i got out of bedsies so dont judge the mess of the hair and no makeup face. k thanks. have a good day :)

Monday, September 20, 2010


getting my hair re-done today! can't wait :) im very sick of having regrowth that comes halfway down my head and having to part my hair on the side everyday just to cover it. I was contemplating whether to go brunette or maybe even red but i came to a decision that i would probably end up regretting it and theres no way of going back to my blonde once i changed. Also im asking for a trim not a cut the whole hair off trim- just a trim. im trying to grow my hair obvs. Anyways that is my amazing story about my hair, bet it just made your day. nawt heh.
ps. hope your having a furnee holidays so far.

Friday, September 17, 2010

mary kate and ashley

... are soo hot

this is the cutest thing out. Its them (they swap being the same character) in full house when they were only three. its so nawwwws
ps. if it says its embeded on youtube heres a link =

Thursday, September 16, 2010

love alot

Gives You Hell by heyqueen

this is the glee version... I don't know what it was about it but i really really liked it.

deserves its own post

cutest thing out... ever!
I really don't know why i liked this so much haha it just left a massive smile on my face after reading it and put me in a super happy mood.