Wednesday, September 8, 2010

love triangle

wow where should i start with this situtation, really i have absoloutely no clue. It is one of the most screwed up, cliche things that i have ever come accross. It is with one of my beautiful bestfriends and well her love triangle. No joke they possibly could be mistaken for jacob, edward and bella (except she is ten times prettier) anyway back to the point ... this is a real life twilight , just take out the wearwolves and vampires and your good. I actually really feel for her right now, so many god dam decisions to make! i certainly couldn't cope. I have personally always been on team jacobs side in this for a long time, i know it doesnt help at all but i say chose him ;) You are probably all thinking why the hell should we feel sorry for this girl, she has not one but two boys falling for her. It is actually alot harder and complex and icky and yucky for her. boys are so complicated to read sometimes grrr! anyways bub this was for you. i hope all is sorted and you cheer up in some way:)
ps. i love you

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