Wednesday, September 22, 2010

goin' on a holiday

i will not see you for a whole two weeks :O very devastating i know! i will miss you greatly bloggy and all my fellow blog readers. Im actually voyaging off to new york for two weeks it will be soooo amazing, i just can't wait hahahah haah ahhah ah.. i wish. Im actually just travelling off to Sydney, shall be goood but nothing compared to new york :( boohoo. anyways it will be nice since im going with one of my bestfriends amy and we will do lots and lots of shopping and be nooby tourists walking around with cameras and maps. Plus did i mention i love love love hotel beds, like white sheets that are so crispy and mesmorizing omnomnomnom so theres another positive :D We are actually going for the nationals of irish dancing ( dont judge i know im a freak ) but they are at the end so im pretty much keen for the holiday. I hope to buy lots and lots of clothes even though i have like nil money right now :)
okay i have talked enough, please do have an excellent two weeks! xoxo

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