Tuesday, June 29, 2010


She has only been asking me for about 3 weeks to do this. And i thought well out of all the posts i have made, i have known her the longest so i guess she deserves abit of notice. We are typical sisters , fight alot but still seem to love each other to the moon and back. My life would be so lonely if she wasnt in it, ofcourse at times i want to whack her head into a brick wall but that's just the nature of sisters, right ?. She is crazy about old films and movie stars her favourites , Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly... She has many books, movies and canvases just on these two. She loves Doctor who and anything spacey and out there. She has (hate to say it) amazing hair, which is insanely (ahh hurting me too say this) long and gorgeous. Our childhood involved numerous concerts where we would make up crazy dancers and perform them for the family, one hundred and one beauty spas, day trips to the pool and million dollar weddings for our myscene, bratz and barbies... so many memories that bring a smile to my face :) She loves opp shopping like me and has a very cute eye for fashion. ALSO she loves cats, pity she found out she had an allergy for them this year. Anyways im over writing about her, next thing i know i will be back on "hating isobel mode". Well there you go Izzy, i was a nice sister. Be happy, dont be a russian doll :)

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