Tuesday, June 22, 2010

snitch likes sushi!

where can i begin with this one!? okay firstly i think i am in love with her, she is truly one of the bestest friends anyone could have. I have had so many amazing times with her and they have all been so so so so so so so so fun! she is a party girl and i love her for it! Her insanely bubbly personality always lifts the mood, i believe she is also one of the funniest girlies i know and she doesnt even have to try ! ALSO did i mention she is beautiful? like very beautiful! and she doesnt even wear a bit of makeup! her smile is unbelievable she reminds me of like a girl peter pan or something (he is quite amazing btw) i love how she is like 100 % cuteness all day long... she is just so adorable! anyway i dont think i have enough words to describe how unbelievably ballisticaly insanely awsome this chickadee is! i hope we remain friends till we are shrivelled little grannys sitting in nothing (as in our birthday suits) not giving a damm about anything, just living the life of freedom and friendship! snitch, you sure do twist my world upside down :)

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