Thursday, June 24, 2010


She is the third piece of me, my other beautiful bestfriend. i love her to death, quite literally. I actually dont think words can describe how much she means to me. Lets start with summing her up with some adjecitves, INSANELY GORGEOUS, nice, wild, fun, sweet, crazy, also an amazing dancer, funny and the list goes on. If you havent met her before she breaks mirrors all the time so i would stay clear LOL jk she is going to be a famous super model when she is older and probably the head Victoria Secret Angel. Her looks and body are just to die for! anyways its whats on the inside the matters the most and her inside tops the outside of her anyday (and as my description shows, thats pretty hard indeed) whenever i arrive at dancing and see her , excitement is always there :) I know im in for a gossip sesh, a little chat or just to be with her. I definatley envy her magnetism that boys have for her, and not just boys , gorgeous ones ( edward cullen, zac efron look alikes just to name a few ) the picture above is going to be her in 3 years, with her boyfriend that treats her like a perfect angel and loves her to infinity, she deserves someone as perfect as this. I love all our memories we have had, losing teeth together, our super sweet times at straddie, our nudi runs and soooo much more. OH nearly forgot, her clothes are like WOW can my bestfriends get anymore cooler ones , i mean like seriously ? anyways im blabbing on for way to long abit the tiny details where the only important thing is that i love her and she is an supercalafragalisticexpealidociously awsome bestfriend. Thankyou so much for sticking by me, my whole life, emILY! :)

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