Tuesday, October 5, 2010

glitter. fairies. wishes. dreams. magic

I'm not really too sure what im going to write about on this post. The idea was given to me by one of my biffs and as soon as i started scavaging through my photos and other blogs i was whipped into a frenzy over these amazing photos. All are so beautiful and well very sparkly! I really hope to think that magic exists somewhere out there and one day it will hit me hard and everything will be perfect but i highly doubt that it is going to happen. After looking at all these images i have had a constant urge for glitter it is weird! haha :S
When i was young i always believed in magic... i guess with all those disney happily ever after movies it was hard not too. Im sure magic does exist outhere just not in granting 3 perfect wishes etc. more like in the form of typical day to day luck.

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