Monday, October 4, 2010

Perfect Two?

So recently i have kinda changed my views on this topic. One of my closest friends has always been against teenage love and finding the right one and all that rubbish and i always seemed to be the one talking her into it and how it can be real. Honestly i have finally come to a conclusion that she is right and all i have been doing is creating this false reality in my head to please myself. Its all just a lie and a crazy fantasy that our brains seem to come up with. Ofcourse we all want that perfect one.... we sure do idolise over having our own Chace Crawford or Zac Efron and the funny thing is the girls that actually date guys like this just take them for granted. You hardly ever here about people who are actually happy and truly in love. Everything about love is bs. I truly do hate how the music industry has to create pretty much every song about love, ofcourse they make you smile and feel good and stuff.... but what guy in this world is going to say things like that to you ?!?! haha im sick of alll of it. Yeah well anyway you get my point maybe some of you don't agree maybe some do it is upto you. Just be careful with your hearts .

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