Saturday, October 16, 2010

day6. 30 facts on myself

i keep missing days sorry! this post legit goes for years soo have furrrne reading it. rof.

first. gossip girl=my love

second. i want an iphone sooo bad

third. lizards are the most disgusting and horrifying creatures on this planet

fourth. snuggling is my favourite thing in the whole world
fifth. giraffes are the cutest lil things out

sixth. im a coffe addict
seventh. my favourite band
eighth. i love love love slick hair, pity it doesnt suit me
nineth. i dance ALOT
tenth. i have an obsession with long hair atm
eleventh. onomnomnomnom

twelth. pretty in pink is a rad movie
thirteenth. i love pink lipstick
fourteenth. i would turn lesbian for abbey lee
fifteenth. 50% of my clothes are lace. adore it so much
sixteenth. i love my two bestfriends very very much on and i have a cute pout too ;)
seventeenth. i love the beach like crazy, especially straddie
eighteenth. lol of a movie.
ninteenth. I LOVE FOOD

twentieth. wedges are soooo cool

twenty first. one single hug could make my whole day, im obsessed

twenty second. sooo into couple photos
twenty third. im dieing my tips blue in the summer
twenty fourth. i really want a tattoo

twenty fifth. 11.11 wishes are my life
twenty sixth. im really ocd with unpainted nails
twenty seventh. i love opp shopping and collecting random vinatge shizz
twenty eighth. i like very much to read vogue
twenty ninth. i thought i should throw in a cute photo of me LOL jk victoria secret models are my idols


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