Tuesday, October 12, 2010

day3. views on alcohol and drugs

I think my views on these are pretty typical . See we did this thing at school with the year 10s-12s a few months back on how many kids have consumed alcohol etc etc and 80% of the group had. I don't think alcohol is a bad thing at all, you cannot stop this age from doing it its just what we do and what all of the generations have done in the past. This is the peak of our life, the time we have the most fun soo i dont see any problem with it. As for drugs i don't think i would ever take anything wacky, i'm sure i will experiment atleast once but not planning on becoming a crazy drug addict or anything like that ha. Smoking well smoking is just another thing in itself. I personally think its gross and well stupid for cutting your life short. apaz you loose 7 minutes of your life every cigarette which is not good at all. But if people chose to do it im not going to stop them. anyways thats my views ... im very sleeepy and couldnt really be bothered with this one but there you go.

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