Monday, August 16, 2010


We are young, we run green
Keep our teeth, nice and clean
See our friends, see the sights, feel alright,
We wake up, we go out, smoke a fag
put it out, see our friends, see the sights, feel alright

So i just realised i have not written a single thing on my blog in weeks. I haven't really needed to as the quotes and pictures pretty much summed up what i was trying to say. But if im here now talking, Life is pretty good, loving all my friends to death and actually bearing school for once in my life. See whenever something bad happens i have taught myself to move on , really why spend all your time worrying and stressing and crying and hating the world when there are so many fun things going on. I LOVE being a teenager.. it's really hit me now that i am one not just a baby eighter or niner. It is fun for once. I love all the new friends i have made recently too, very nice and crazy (: Plus (as the posts may have hinted) im crushing majorly hehe but seriously when am i not? its funny because its monday night and im feeling refreshingly positive?! its weird but i kinda like the fact im smiling at this time of week.
ha I bet like one person, if that, has actually bothered to read this. well to you hope you are having a wonderful year so far and enjoy the rest of it. If you live life on the quiet side you will be a adult with kids before you even blink. Anyways im blabbing on even more.
Byeeeeee x

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