Tuesday, August 31, 2010


i have known this girl since i can barely remember! She is amazing in so many ways and a friend that is never going to leave my side, i would also advise you that we can be raving little cheeeky brats together if you are not too careful. I have endless childhood memories with her most make me look back and giggle quite ridicously. I loved dancing on her bar , christmas partys, dressing up like australian idols , singing to her year 7 boyfriend about some kind of sports gel, numerous singstar comps ( which i always won obviously), races on her floaties in the poool... just so many little things like that which make me think how lucky i am to have her in my life. Well i havent"t even started on her looks yet, she is legit drop dead gorgeous and her hair :O speechless, it all comes together to just make this super model hehehe. Dancing would have been so boring without her... fetching all the ice packs even let me miss a hornpipe now and then! and the gazilllions of jelly beans she used to bring would make me go for hours and hours. Anyways if you dont this girl i really suggest you to meet her, she is sweet, funny, caring, beautiful pretts much just everything and a really awsome friend on top of that too :)

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