Thursday, August 25, 2011


Im going through a very clingy phase right now. I have currently been single for eight months, i have enjoyed it... thoroughly, as i am a very independent and self reliable person but i think the time has come where i really want to settle down. Im one of those people that pushes someone away when you get close to them. Well this year anyways i have developed the habit. I had the perfect opportunity, with the perfect guy. But classic me i ruined it. He was the sweetest ever and did everything right by me but in the end i turned and ran away because i think deep down im simply just scared of feelings. Its ridiculous. Everyone asks me why i dont have a boyfriend, my often responses include- I love being single and ready to mingle, i dont have time, i dont have the committment but the truth is i really do want one now. I hope i find the right person soon. i want the snuggles and cuddles and just to know that someone wants me back. It seems so amazing and so many of my friends have it. Maybe soon, i hope.

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