Saturday, December 18, 2010


current obsession!
i loveeee all their clothes, they are all so pretty and different, not just mainstream junk. My amazing friend ames turned 17 yesterday and i bought her a beach jumper from wildfox. i loved it, it was pink and said hugs and kisses and should be very cuddly... hope she liked it as much as i did hah!
can't wait till i get a proper job next year and can start buying more from heree!


  1. Where abouts did you find Wild Fox, Ive been looking for ages!

  2. It was actually in the weirdest place!
    It was on the gold coast in a little shop in broadbeach actually. The shop was filled with so many different brands and random things but i found a few pieces of wildfox in there!
    hope that helps :)