Sunday, July 25, 2010

camp camp camp!

Well i completly forgot about mentioning camp last post but have decided to tell you now, throw out a few words that sum up our epic SURVIVOR camp. I'll start first with the 5 beautiful girls i chill banged with the whole time, Lou, Liza, Emma, Saz and Lash.

NOW here i go


apple crumble


s club7 (eliza will get this ;)

peeing in bushes


foot massages

sam smith is the prettiest girl in the grade

wraps, lots of wraps

jelly bean analysations

hot chocolate

bon fires

dishwashing rage

baby wipes

scary stories that weren't scary

freezing to death

the climb by m cyrus


dnming with da guys

poo hole

eilishs stick collecting obsession

running down on the way back

oh and looking like supermodels the whole time ofcourse....

and yeah that is a little about camp, hope i have taught you some great camp techniques or triggered some excellent memories (:

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